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Board Guidelines

General Forum Rules

  • No spamming.
    • Spam is anything that is irrelevant, inappropriate, nonsensical, or repetitive.
  • No multiple post/topics.
    • Do not post multiple times in a row in the same topic, and do not most the same topic multiple times.
  • No reviving dead topics.
    • If a topic is clearly dead (meaning that noone has responded recently) do not post a reply in that thread, unless you have new information for that topic, or if it's a support topic that has not yet received an answer (but not your own). Also, don't respond to someone who's revived a dead topic, it only contributes.
  • No reposting of locked topics.
    • If a thread was locked, it was for a reason, so please do not create it again.
  • No harassment towards any member of the community.
    • Harassment is any sort of offensive content, be it images or text. If what you're going to say seems mean or a bad idea, don't do it.
  • No using offensive language/images of any kind.
    • This includes, but is not limited to anything unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially/ethnically negative.
  • No posting outside of the correct area.
    • Make sure any content you post is in the best possible area for it. i.e. AvalonRO support question in the CaliburnL2 general section.
  • Signatures & Avatars
    • Signatures are to be no more than 400 pixels high and 800 pixels wide. This includes all content in your signature.
    • For further signature information, please read to the bottom of this section.
    • Avatars cannot exceed a height of 150 pixels and width of 150 pixels, so please keep this in mind when creating an avatar.
    • Any offensive content in in Signatures or Avatars will be removed immediately.

Breaking any of the aforementioned rules can and most likely will result in a warning and punishment.
Exception: The Hall of Spam allows spamming, multiple posts/topics, and revival of dead topics.

General Forum Guidelines

  • Try to use proper English (save for the specific language sections) when at all possible. Leet speak (1337 7|*34|<) and other such things are highly discouraged.
  • Use the Search function before posting a new topic to avoid posting a repeat topic.
  • Use the report button! Don't be afraid to report anything you feel warrants it, just don't abuse it.
  • Take any personal issues to PMs or somewhere else. If you have a problem with someone or feel someone has a problem with you, try to talk it out.. and don't forget, any Global Moderator would be more than happy to help out if need be.
  • The above rule also applies to any ExNW staff. However, if you feel they are abusing their powers, point it out to the respective Admin or any Global Moderator, and we'll look into it.
  • Use a meaningful title for your topics. The more meaningful the topic, the more likely people will read it.

Warning Levels

  • 10% Warn
    • No additional action taken.
  • 20% Warn
    • 1 Day - Moderator Preview
  • 30% Warn
    • 3 Day - Moderator Preview
  • 40% Warn
    • 7 Day - Moderator Preview
  • 50% Warn
    • 3 Day - Disabled Posting
  • 60% Warn
    • 7 Day - Disabled Posting
  • 70% Warn
    • 14 Day - Disabled Posting
  • 80% Warn
    • 28 Day - Disabled Posting
  • 90% Warn
    • 56 Day - Disabled Posting
  • 100% Warn
    • Suspended Account

Exceptions: ExNW Staff reserve the right to decide on any punishment based on the offense.
Keep in mind, any attempt to circumvent your punishment with a new account will result in a full suspension of the new account, and possible banning from the forum entirely.

Signature Guidelines

Due to the number of large signatures being used on the forum, it's time for a new guideline as to how large a signature can be. There are many signatures that use an excessive amount of text/images, making the signature size exceedingly large. Based on the size that most computers tend to display, the decided signature size will be 300 pixels. There will be some leeway up to 400 pixels, but that is the the absolute maximum. It is not suggested nor recommended to make your signature this size, as we would prefer to have them kept around the 300 pixel mark. If a Moderator finds your signature too big, you will be messaged through the forum along with a deadline to have it removed and/or replaced before your account is suspended.

Also please be sure to keep anything offensive, racist, sexual, or disrespectful of other players and/or staff out of your signatures, as any inclusion of this material will result in your signature being immediately removed without warning, and some degree of punishment given to you.

Some information that might help:
- A single line of unformatted signature text is roughly 15 pixels, so please keep this in mind when creating your signature.
- Right-clicking a picture once it's uploaded and picking properties will show you just it's actual dimensions.

If you want to know just how big your current signature is, here's a way to do it:
We'll start in "My Controls->Signature" on the forum.

hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard and open a photo editing program such as MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc, and paste the Print Screened image in.

MS Paint

Using the "Select" tool shown in the picture above, trace your entire signature as closely as possible, as shown below.

Cut the traced image out, and paste it into a blank image, then go to the attribute menu.

Once there, look at the height value to see just how large your signature really is.

Adobe Photoshop

After having pasted the Print Screen into photoshop, find the crop tool, as shown.

Trace the image as closely as possible, then have the image cropped, either by double clicking within the cropped space or by hitting the check mark.

Next, find the Image Size menu, as shown.

Look at the pixel value for height to see just how large your signature really is.

If anyone has any questions about the new guidelines or questions about their own signatures, please direct them to a moderator or directly to Butters. We'll do our best to provide you as much support as we can.

Also, if you believe your signature was removed wrongly, without appropriate warning, or you feel your signature should not have been removed at all, please message an Administrator or Global Moderator.


Excalibur Network Staff

The Signature Rules are only loosely enforced. Never-the-less, signatures that violate them will be replaced with a warning. Members who ignore this warning and keep violating the Signature Rules will be temporarily lose their posting rights. Annoying signatures, or those that break the General Rules, may be edited or removed without warning at the sole discretion of the staff.