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Server Update - Revision 92

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 10:25 AM

Today the following fixes were applied:

* Melee attacks against a sitting player will now always be a critical strike
* The client will now display correct error messages when a quest cannot be taken or completed due to not enough space available in bags
* Combo points will now reset when a creature evades, as intended
* When consuming reagents or using items on the action bar, smaller stacks will be used before larger stacks now
* Creatures should no longer lose threat against targets that got knocked back
* Improved the pathfinding in cases where the in-water destination is much lower than the on-ground source
* Players can now capture world PvP objectives while standing on a flying mount and on the ground
* Improved the random motion generators for flying and swimming units, they will now try to keep the same height and try to go to reachable points only (as opposed to random points)
* Improved the random movement caused by fear effects, should get rid of repetitive small distance steps being generated

* Fixed an issue where creatures would sometimes get stuck instead of properly evading under certain circumstances
* The formula for calculating shield block values has been corrected
* Implemented melee leeway mechanic for PvP, this should reduce the number of incorrect "Out of range" errors being triggered while chasing a target
* Fixed multiple exploits and performance issues

World Environment
* Various creatures across the world have had their vendor lists corrected
* Various duplicate spawns in Pools of Aggonar area have been removed
* Guards in various alliance and horde camps in Outland have their stats corrected and AI improved
* You can no longer buy Mudskunk Lure from Nat Pagle until you complete "Nat's Measuring Tape"
* Rogues can now learn their skills from Grand Master Rogue Fahrad in Ravenholdt
* Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths now sells new items
* Telenus and Ganaar can now reset hunter pet's skills
* Banker Meeda and blacksmith Blazzle have arrived to Area 52
* Watcher Backus now patrols road north from Darkshire
* The patrol paths for Luzran and Knucklerot in Ghostlands have been corrected
* Scorchscale Drakes now patrol the skies above Onyxia's Lair
* The patrol paths for Fel Reavers in Hellfire Peninsula have been corrected, excessive spawns removed
* Fel Reaver Sentries now patrol the Abyssal Shelf area
* The patrol path for Magister Aledis in Hellfire Peninsula has been corrected
* Stonegazer and Deathskitter in Terokkar Forest now patrol their respective areas
* The patrol path for Tyrantus in Netherstorm has been corrected
* Atal'alarion, Glutton, Charlga Razorflank and Arazzius the Cruel all have had their AI improved
* Okrek's movement speed and attack speed have been corrected
* The gossip menu for Krog in Brackenwall Village has been corrected
* The gossip menu for Jonathan Garrett in Shadowmoon Village has been corrected
* Implemented Lady Liadrin's event in Shattrath City
* Unyielding Knights can now use their Heal Other ability to heal nearby allies
* Crabs in Blackfathom Deeps no longer evade when aggroed under water
* Multiple creatures have been fixed to correctly appear as flying instead of standing on the ground or in mid air

* Altar of Shat'ar and Sanctum of the Stars graveyards now require Aldor / Scryer reputation to be at least Neutral to use

* Catseye Elixir, Elixir of the Searching Eye and Distilled Stalker Sight will no longer stack
* Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack loot has been corrected

* Cone of Cold damage can no longer be partially resisted once again
* Frostbolt damage can no longer be partially resisted once again

* Fixed a bug with Misdirection where sometimes only two attacks were redirected instead of three

* Judgement of the Crusader will now increase the damage of Seal of Command, Exorcism and Hammer of Wrath once again
* Seal of Command proc will now have approximately 0.5 second delay before the animation begins and the damage is incurred, instead of having the proc occur instantly with the swing of the attack
* Bonus spell damage will increase the Seal of Command damage once again

* Rockbiter Weapon enchant will no longer enchant both weapons at a time, weapon selecting mechanics are now more intelligent

* Curse of Recklessness will now work correctly against fleeing victims

* Full rage is no longer consumed when Execute fails to hit
* It is no longer possible to reflect abilities such as Intimidating Shout
* Reapplying Commanding Shout should no longer cause targets that aren't at full HP to lose 1HP anymore

* When the player dies, Heroic Presence and Inspiring Presence will no longer affect nearby players

* There will be no weird screen glow effect during arena preparation period anymore
* Leaving an arena match during preparation period will now cause rating loss as intended
* Fixed a bug that could prevent personal rating loss after leaving an arena match under certain circumstances

* Battleground Rune Buffs - Speed, Restoration and Berserking buffs received from battleground runes will no longer cause Stealth or Prowl to break
* Absorbed damage will now properly interrupt the capturing of objective flags

Alterac Valley
* The time required for the first capture of Snowfall graveyard has been reduced from five minutes to four
* Warmasters/Marshals in Alterac Valley will no longer increase maximum health and damage of nearby friendly players
* Killing a Warmaster/Marshal in Alterac Valley will now correctly remove stackable buff from nearby Warmasters/Marshals and Generals

Warsong Gulch
* Fixed an issue that could sometimes incorrectly display the flag as being carried upon joining a battleground in progress

Black Temple
* Supremus should no longer attempt to chase out of range players during the kite phase anymore
* Order of spells on Vengeful Spirit's actionbar has been corrected
* Veras Darkshadow should no longer randomly evade and reset the whole encounter
* Shadow Demons are now immune to stuns

Blackrock Depths
* Gizrul the Slavener will no longer spawn before Halycon is killed

Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace
* Cooldown of Hellfire Familiar's Fire Blast has been corrected

Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts
* Bonechewer Beastmaster's warhounds will now despawn after some time out of combat

* Servant's Access Door is now locked by default and can only be unlocked from other side after Opera Event encounter has been completed
* Various improvements have been made to Opera Event encounters
* Nightbane will now use Fireball Barrage less frequently when there are no players in range for Smoking Blast

Sunwell Plateau
* Felmyst should now correctly evade once all players in her threat list are affected by Fog of Corruption
* M'uru will now despawn and respawn in ~30 seconds after a wipe
* Order of spells on Power of the Blue Flight's action bar has been corrected

Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz
* Various improvements have been made to Soccothrates and Dalliah encounters

Tempest Keep: The Eye
* Fixed a rare bug where sometimes Kael'thas Sunstrider would not evade properly

* Initial application of a DoT, HoT or other non-damaging spells should now correctly trigger damage from Zul'jin's Energy Storm

* Implemented epiloque script for quest "Identifying the Brood"
* "A Little Dash of Seasoning" improved
* Implemented epilogue script for quest "All Clear!"
* Improved script for quest "It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart"
* "Apprentice Angler" now rewards money on completion
* "Digging for Prayer Beads" improved
* Unrestrained Dragonhawk should now correctly offer a ride to players that have a quest
* "The Defias Brotherhood" script improved
* Many more rogue trainers can provide Elegant Letter for the quest "The Manor, Ravenholdt" now
* Fixed duplicate credit awarded for completing "The Multiphase Survey"

To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bugtracker.

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 05:07 PM

 * Paladin

 * Anticipation: This talent should no longer prevent defense skill training past 350
 * Warrior
 * Anticipation: This talent should no longer prevent defense skill training past 350
 * Pets
 * Resetting talents while mounted should now correctly dismiss current pet
 * Killing a hunter or warlock on mount should now correctly dismiss their current pet
 * World Environment
 * Various improvements have been made to Draenei and Blood Elf starting areas
 * Attack speed of various creatures across the world has been normalized
 * Respawn time of world bosses has been corrected
 * Patrol path of Torgos in Terokkar Forest has been corrected
 * Patrol path of Netherock in Netherstorm has been corrected
 * Various missing Winter Veil creatures and decorations have been spawned in Outland
 * Items
 * Loot of Tactical Assignment and Followup Tactical Assignment has been corrected
 * Quests
 * Skywing: Script improved
 * Suspicious Hoofprints: Epilogue script implemented
 * Black Temple
 * Flame of Azzinoth now has a short aggro delay when summoned
 * Sunwell Plateau
 * Dying in spectral realm should properly teleport your body to normal realm now

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