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Server Update - Revision 99

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 07:39 AM

Today the following fixes were applied:

* Starting time of various game events has been updated
* Various exploits have been fixed

World Environment
* Players will no longer hear weird levelup sounds when standing near bonfires and campfires
* Entrance and exit portals of various dungeons have had their teleport coordinates corrected to blizzlike
* Riding trainers are now considered profession trainers and will be displayed on minimap correctly when the appropriate track filter is set
* Dreadwing is now immune to shadow and arcane damage, stuns, fears and movement impairing effects
* Worn Wooden Chest will now always contain Ensorcelled Parchment
* Bash'ir Landing area in Blade's Edge Mountains has been completely repopulated
* Gnarl Leafbrother, Antilus the Soarer, Achellios the Banished, Galak Messenger, Uruson, Threggil and Twilight Prophet have had their patrol paths added
* Some critters have skinning loot added

* Hand of Justice - PPM chance has been corrected
* The bonus healing provided by the Libram of Light, Libram of Divinity, Blessed Book of Nagrand, Libram of the Lightbringer now scale correctly with the spell bonus coefficients
* The bonus healing provided by Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth now scale correctly with the spell bonus coefficients
* The combat behavior of Emerald Dragon Whelp summoned by Dragon's Call has been improved

* Fixed an issue where some procs, such as Expose Weakness could consume extra ammo under certain circumstances
* Auto Shot should now correctly consume Rapid Killing charges

* Molten Armor will no longer proc from ranged and spell attacks, unless the mage has learned the Molten Shields talent

* Prayer of Mending will now proc on any damage taken, rather than negative damage only
* An issue where sometimes Shadowform would go on an apparent infinite cooldown should be fixed now

* Blind will no longer consume durability points of rogue's ranged weapon

* Ritual of Summoning can no longer be used in battlegrounds

* Enrage / Death Wish - the bonus damage component of these spells will no longer stack

Dire Maul
* The east wing of this dungeon has been completely reworked to more blizzlike state
* The Ogre Tannin Basket event is now working once again

* The melee attacks of Noxxion and Noxxion's Spawns now deal nature damage

Molten Core
* The melee attacks of Baron Geddon, Firewalkers, Flameguards, Firelords, Sons of Flame and Lava Spawns now deal fire damage
* Lucifron's script has been slightly improved
* Golemagg's script has been improved
* Garr's script has been improved
- Separation Anxiety mechanic implemented
- Massive Eruption mechanic implemented
- Spell timers adjusted
* Majordomo Executus's script has been improved:
- Separation Anxiety mechanic implemented
- Flamewaker Healers will now become immune when half of the adds are dead
- Spell timers adjusted
* Ragnaros's script has been slightly improved:
- Ragnaros and Sons of Flame are now immune to fire damage and spells
- Spell timers adjusted

Onyxia's Lair
* Onyxia is now immune to fire damage and spells

Hellfire Citadel: Shattered Halls
* Fixed an issue where sometimes Grand Warlock Nethekurse would lock on one enemy and never switch to another, regardless of aggro

Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth
* Murmur will now attack the next unit in melee range when his current enemy is not in range, rather than start casting Resonance immediately

* Mana Feeders now have a chance to randomly wipe aggro in combat
* Few missing spawns of Arcane Protectors have been added
* Chaotic Sentiences now have a chance to deal an extra attack on each melee attack
* Netherspite's script has been improved:
- Void Zone timer corrected to blizzlike intervals
- Nether Infusion now has an announcement
- Nether Burn is now applied 10s into the fight and is removed during 2nd phase (when Netherspite is banished)
- Netherspite will now cast Netherbreath on a random player rather than on his primary victim
- The range of Netherbreath has been corrected
- There's now a 5s delay when Netherspite switches from thr banished phase into the normal one
- Nether Exhaustion aura will now limit the player on absorbing only a beam of one colour, rather than all
- Nether Exhaustion aura will now always apply properly when the beam aura fades

* Fixed an issue where sometimes Jan'alai's encounter would not reset properly after a wipe
* Halazzi's script has been completely reworked:
- Fixed Transfigure mechanic using correct spells, it no longer has chance to bug at 25% HP
- Spell use timers have been improved
- Flame Shock and Earth Shock no longer share timers
- Dual Wield spell have been confirmed and implemented
- Model sizes have been corrected
- Spirit of the Lynx's level, rank, flags and attack speed have been corrected

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
* Moam's script has been improved
* Ossirian the Unscarred's script has been improved:
- Weakness spells are now applied correctly to Ossirian and are no longer affected by his magic resistance
- Now has a chance to deal extra attack on each melee attack
- Speed corrected, will now increase speed 10 seconds after aggro, as intended

* Marg Speaks - Fixed an issue where sometimes the players could not interact with the object
* Weapons of Spirit - Script implemented
* Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk - Script improved
* The Scryer's Scryer is working once again as intended
* The Battle of Darrowshire can be now be completed
* Dimensius the All-Devouring - Script improved

To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.

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